Abstract Realism Paintings

The premier destination for outstanding original artwork for sale.

Art By Rae is a business dedicated to promoting art, original Abstract Realism Paintings from a talented local artists, and providing exceptional painting classes for students coming from Ogle County, Oregon, and other parts of Illinois.

Established back in 1970, Art By Rae has developed a solid reputation as the premier art authority, backed by close to five decades of tried, tested, and proven excellence in offering quality original Abstract Realism Paintings and providing high quality art education.
As a teacher, I love to add creativity to anyone who is there to learn. Whether you're ages 3 or 93, you're always welcome to partake in our art classes given by Art By Rae. I have had fun teaching and learning from others, because with art, there's no limit to learning new things, even from kids and artists with lesser experience. Many of my paintings have the inspiration of children someplace in the creative process. I am a teacher at heart and have a degree in Art from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, which is why educating my students about art comes natural to me.
So whether you're on the lookout for top quality painting classes Oregon IL or for amazing Abstract Realism Paintings, there really is no need to look anywhere else, because we've got your needs perfectly covered - here at Art by Rae!

For more information, please call us at815  973-0176  or email me at artbyrae@comcast.net today!

Inspiratons below you can see how the images change from a photo to my painting.

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