Inner Reflections IL

I am an artist, a teacher, a photographer, a poet, a mother, a grandmother, a caregiver, bike rider, and a person who loves to be out in nature.  You can see that I have many hats and enjoy being busy.

As an artist, I  paint from the Inner Reflections of the feelings and visions that come to me from the places I am and the moments in time that take my breath away.  Colors and patterns in nature are a theme that runs through my artwork. 

I use all painting medias and a variety of sizes depending on the subject.  Though I can paint photorealism, my work now tends toward adding “air or magic or feelings” so much has an abstract quality as I sign my name to a finished painting.  Some if that is just using a mix of views because you can not actually find a photo at any one location. I am painting the feeling of the location and not the vista available at any one moment in time.

My Little Studio

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Welcome to Art by Rae - The trusted authority in art education and exceptional Inner Reflections of realism paintings.
Established in 1970, Art by Rae is a service dedicated to the love of art and a firm commitment to sharing knowledge and inspiring others to develop their artistry and love for art.

After graduating with a degree in Art from the North Central College in Naperville, Illinois over four decades ago, I began teaching students about art. I love igniting my students' creativity and passion for art and welcome any student willing to learn, regardless of age, sex, color, or creed. Here at Art by Rae, it is our goal to promote the love of art and encourage others to hone their artistic talents and skills. Aside from providing art lessons for children and adults, we also offer outstanding original artwork masterfully crafted by local artists from Ogle County IL.

​We have an extensive array of exceptional art pieces on offer which are perfect for art lovers, collectors, and others looking to purchase top quality original artwork, whether to adorn the walls of their home or office, or to give out as special gifts to friends, family, and other loved ones.

So whether you're on the lookout for top quality Painting Classes Oregon IL or for amazing Abstract Realism Artwork there really is no need to look anywhere else, because we've got your needs perfectly covered - here at Art by Rae!​​

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